Grab it before someone does

Out there are those Things you wanna do Hurdles and hurdles High and low. You will fall, you know Endless race it is, for you. Rise and rise as you fall Bitter is the world otherwise. Chances are out there Waiting for you my dear, Waiting for you alone! They will shout at you. Let […]


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Alka and her mysterious bag

Hi there my dear friends. I know it’s been a while since I wrote to you guys. I was a bit busy with this and that. Anyway, I have something weird to share with you all today, something about “Alka’s mysterious bag”! Alka is a friend of mine, a CRAZY (and absent-minded) friend of mine. […]

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Hospitalized for 17 days!

Wake up at 8am, have breakfast at 9, read something till 11, go for treatment, take a bath at around 12, read something till lunch is served, resume reading after lunch, attend the evening ’round table conference’ downstairs, have dinner at 9, read something till I fall asleep at 11:30pm or 12am- this is what […]

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“…Happy Birthday Annieeee…”

‘”All grown-ups were once children but only few of them remember it” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince. You are one among the few… Happy Birthday Annieeee…..’ This is what my sister’s friend Alston Chettan wrote on a black slate that he gifted my sister Annie for her birthday!!! A black slate with a beautiful […]

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My crazy Kuttu

17th May 2018 Today I’m gonna tell you about someone really special to me, someone I can’t imagine a day without! On 14th August 2010, Amma woke us (my sister and I) up and said ‘I’ll show you something!’ She led us to the main door and pointed to the gate; at first I couldn’t […]

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Handicapped for a month!!!

I wrote this letter on 8th April but couldn’t send it   Dear unknown friend I’m writing this letter to you with my left hand, well I’m ‘handicapped’ for a month, yeah I’m not allowed to do anything with my right hand for a while! I fell from a swing last summer, hitting my right […]

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They made my day!

18th April 2018 Dear unknown friend One Friday last month, our English teacher decided to wind up the class pretty early from seeing our worn out faces. I sat next to Popo (It’s the nickname) that day. She looked weary with dark circles and yeah I was no better! We’d been attending classes that seemed […]

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The one who called me “Kunjulekshmi”

12th April 2018 Dear Unknown Friend I’m gonna tell you a story today,  to the best of my abilities. “Ma, who all are there at home?” The friendly doctor asked. “My daughter, son-in-law, then……. Lekshmi and Kunjulekshmi,” replied my grandmother. Well, that “Kunjulekshmi” (“Little Lekshmi”) is the ambivert writing this letter to you! My beautiful […]

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